Clever Keyboard Indicator

Clever Keyboard Indicator 5.0

Displays the status of the function keys on the PC's screen
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Shows whether the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock function keys are active or inactive. The tool also plays a sound whenever the status of one of the function keys has changed and is capable of activating or deactivating any of the function keys directly form its interface.

The Clever Keyboard Indicator is a program which stays in your Windows system tray and displays "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" status, allows you to switch key status, plays a sound when the key status changed and many more.

Features at a glance:

* Display and switch "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" key status;
* Play a sound when "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" or "Scroll Lock" status is changed or "Ins" key is pressed;
* Display OSD (on screen display) text when a key is pressed;
* Click through OSD text while it is displayed;
* Add your own keys or key combinations and select a sound for added keys (key combinations);
* Save/load your key settings to/from a file;
* Multi-Language support.

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